Creation Lighting Design  
Louis Vuitton Flagship
Design Partner:
Louis Vuitton Architects
Canton Road, Hong Kong
The 5 Canton Road flagship store design spells a novel note to illustrate the brands legacy of travel culture and tradition of flawless craftsmanship through fashion and in this case of style-forward architecture.
Iconic, the lighting had to convey an immediate sense and continued memory of ‘Parisian Luxury’, through incorporating visible spotlights as beautiful pieces of jewellery.
All ceiling luminaires were custom designed, deep recessed low glare spots of matt bronze or chrome finishes to blend in with the interior fit out. All the lighting equipment was designed to fit within linear slots flowing within the curved nature of the store. 
Every display wall was modelled and mocked up to eliminate possible shadows and to ensure no direct viewing of the source, resulting on iconic merchandise being the only focus.

 Project completed for Isometrix Lighting and Design