Creation Lighting Design  
Tazminia Ballroom
Design Partner:
Tom Dixon
Hong Kong
The Tazmania Ballroom designed by Tom Dixon´s research studio, is an exclusive pool bar in Central district, Hong Kong. Its Inspiration was drawn from a traditional British games room contrasting with highly contemporary features.
Lighting played a protagonist role within this project, by either being heavily integral within the decorative envelope and furniture or by being the main central focus, with the use of Tom Dixon´s own lighting fixtures as the main feature.
The wall finishes play with a geometry that enables the integration of the lighting. A faceted mirror corridor with concealed sources lead the way from the street into a sharp rock cavern where the decorative fixtures blend in with the décor. Concealed spotlights highlight the main focus areas like the DJ booth, bar and pool tables.
 Project completed for Isometrix Lighting and Design